From Teaching to Research to Execution

I’m passionate about helping people make smarter financial decisions through a combination of academic research and practical experience.

With a PhD in accounting from the University of Colorado Boulder, I’ve taught a variety of financial accounting courses at both the University of Arkansas and the University of Colorado. I’ve also published research on topics such as voluntary disclosure, insider trading, index funds, and the CEO labor market in academic journals including The Accounting Review, Review of Accounting Studies, and Journal of Accounting Research. My research has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Arkansas Money & Politics, and Accounting Today, among others.

I am also a CFA charterholder and in 2020, I co-founded White River Capital Advisors, a boutique investment advisory firm, where I currently serve as the Chief Investment Officer and bring a unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience to advise pooled investment vehicles.

I have extensive experience working with structured and unstructured data in Python, SAS, SQL, and Stata. If you’re looking for someone who can extract insights from data, and help you make informed decisions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Outside of work, my wife Sarah and I enjoy hiking and camping in the Ozark mountains, dabbling in photography, cheering on the Razorback basketball team, and exploring everything that Northwest Arkansas has to offer!